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Are They Employees or Independent Contractors?

Many work at home individuals hire help in their business. I myself outsource work to people as well as have work from other work at home business owners outsourced to me.

Because of this, the question is raised (quite often) as to whether someone who does work for someone else is considered an employee or an independent contractor (IC). The IRS has very strict guidelines as to what each category includes and doesn't include.

If you're wondering whether you are an employee or IC for someone you work for.


If you outsource work to others or are thinking about starting, you'll need to know which is the correct classification for those who work for you.

Whether you fall into one, or both, of these categories you'll want to check out Tax Talk Today's webcast on November 6th from 2pm to 3pm EST. A panel of experts will be discussing the issue of proper classification of employees and independent contractors.

The webcast is free as are all the Tax Talk episodes. To register for this and future as well as archived webcasts, click here.


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