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Income taxes can be a very difficult topic, especially if you telecommute or work from home! Mom's Gone Virtual helps take the confusion out of telecommuting taxes by giving you free tax tips.


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Free Outsourcing Q & A Follow Up
I missed the chance to tell you last week about Alice Seba’s highly-informative training interview designed to help you reduce your business stress and to easily leverage the work of others in order to achieve more profit for yourself.

After the release of the interview, Alice received a number of questions and she’s graciously taken the time to answer them. I urge you to get a copy of that Q & A report now at:

Follow Up Outsourcing Q&A & Interview

And don’t worry, if you missed last week’s interview (sorry about that), you can still get access to it at the same link. There's no charge, no sign up required, nothing to obligate yourself to at all.

In the follow up Q&A she even addresses some questions regarding tax treatment of your assistants, so you'll definitely want to check those parts out.

One last thing, I highly recommend you save both the interview and questions to your computer, including the transcripts to the audio from last week. I'm learning so much from these freebies that Alice has been sweetie enough to create and I know you will too!


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