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Income taxes can be a very difficult topic, especially if you telecommute or work from home! Mom's Gone Virtual helps take the confusion out of telecommuting taxes by giving you free tax tips.


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Moms, Could you use $100 for your business???

Ok, I know you are thinking, "Of course I could use $100 for my business." Who couldn't right, especially if you are just starting out. Well, I had to ask cause my Gran Gran always told me "The only stupid question is the one never asked." ;) (Luv Ya Gran Gran!)

Every Monday morning, after putting my son on the bus and grabbing my cup of coffee and a snack, I faithfully tune into WAHM Talk Radio. This show and the site have been extremely helpful in my work at home beginnings. The founder of the site, Kelly McCausey is great and her shows are always informative and inspiring!

To help Kelly and other WAHP out I am posting her latest contest on my blogs! Kelly is giving away $100 to be used by a work at home mom for their business. Her way of saying Happy Mother's Day!

There are only 3 requirements:

1. Have a Paypal account.
If you don't have one you can get one free here: PayPal

2. Use the money for your business.

3. Send Kelly an email at telling her how you would use the money for your business. Be specific.

At the end of the month (not but a few days left) Kelly will choose a winner and deposit 100 buckaroos into their Paypal account. That easy! So what are you waiting for??? You have nothing to lose and $100 to gain, so go help fill her inbox! The more people to fill her inbox the happier she will be and may even do this more often according to her post on the site this week.Until next time...Good Luck! Hey, while you're at it...check out her website and the show: WAHM Talk Radio


Ready to make more money online?

Home Business: First & Foremost

Home Business: First & Foremost
Checklist for New Home Businesses

Keep track of EVERY SINGLE expense and ALL income received on at least a weekly basis.

1. Check with your state and local agencies regarding licensing, zoning laws, trade names and taxes you may be responsible for. Small Business Administration . Remember to save any receipts for licenses, etc. as you can write some of this off as business expenses.

2. This one is not a necessity if you are a sole proprietor, but is worth it if you don't want to use your Social Security Number for everything! Apply for a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN), even if you do not have employees. This is free and you can now apply online (Federal EIN) and receive your number immediately. In the event your business ever expands to include employees or you incorporate, you will not have to worry about it later.

3. Open a business checking account. I cannot stress enough how important this step is. KEEP YOUR BUSINESS & PERSONAL ACCOUNTS SEPARATE. This will make your life and your accountant’s (if you choose to hire one) life easier in the long run.


Ready to make more money online?

Welcome to the Accounting for WAHP Blog

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make when running their own business is inaccurate bookkeeping/accounting. One small mishap can quickly turn into a mountain of trouble. It can take what otherwise would be a wonderful business and doom it if not done correctly from the beginning! That's where Mom's Gone Virtual comes into play, taking the confusion out of accounting for your business.

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Coming Soon:
Bookkeeping/Accounting Basics for ANY small business
Recommended Accounting Software/Websites
Tax Tips for Work at Home Parents, Independent Contractors, Small Business Owners
Budgeting for your WAH business
Changes to Tax Laws

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