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Income taxes can be a very difficult topic, especially if you telecommute or work from home! Mom's Gone Virtual helps take the confusion out of telecommuting taxes by giving you free tax tips.


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Save the Internet

The whole internet is at stake. The big communication companies are wanting to restrict and/or block access to websites depending on what the website owners can afford to pay them. Therefore, we may no longer be able to control what we see on the internet.

That means that small businesses like mine and even telecommuters could be bye bye because we won't be able to pay the "toll" like the big corporations therefore our business will be gone! This is absolutely awful for economy and in the long run for the technology advances we have worked so hard for. This will, in my opinion, knock us back so many years it's not even funny!

Please Save the Internet by clicking the link and signing the petition. If you work at home, own a small business, or know someone who does this could be passed and in affect by the end of this year if we don't do something about it, so please help those of us who don't have big money backing us up and are just wanting to stay home and take care of our families without giving up the income we need!

Go here to see what this is all about more indepth as well as sign the petition to stop this from happening. The cool thing about this petition is that the site sends your letter right to your states lawmakers.

Please, I'm begging you to get involved and help me and so many others keep our businesses and stay home with our families that need us. Don't let the internet become someone else's property. When you go online you want what YOU want, not what the big C wants you to see! Keep the internet OURS!!

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Ready to make more money online?

Telecommuting Home Office Setup Tips

Are you new to telecommuting and just getting your home office set up and ready to go? The following article will give you tips on how to pinch the pennies to get started without breaking your bank!

10 Ways to Set Up a Home Office without Blowing your Budget

1. Look for rebates on basic office supplies. Check sales circulars for special offers and rebates on items you will use all the time.

2. Sign up for customer loyalty programs at office supply stores. Many offer bonus points for initial purchases, and you will receive specials and coupons because you are a member.

3. Ask friends and family if they have any desks, chairs, bookcases, etc. they are replacing- tell them you will be glad to take any items they don’t want. This can get your office furnished as you are starting out.

4. Garage sales can yield very inexpensive items such as bulletin boards, file boxes, desk organizers, and storage crates.

5. Search the internet for low cost business cards and promotional items. Vista Print is a popular choice offering free business cards- you pay only shipping.

6. Online auction sites are great resources for deals on items such as shipping supplies and ink cartridges.

7. Sign up for a 6 month no interest credit card to get you started with inventory and supplies- just make sure you have a plan in place to pay off the balance in full before the no interest period ends.

8. Check with different banks and credit unions to see which offers the best deal for checking accounts and various banking services.

9. Don’t overlook the obvious- dollar stores are great resources for pens, pencils, notepads and calendars.

10. Search for websites offering free or low cost advertising to get your company name out there.

Remember, as your business grows, so will your budget! You can always upgrade furnishings later. Focus first on keeping your space functional and organized so that looking for things doesn't take time away from the most important task in building your business- working on income producing activities.
Paige Pate Hall is an Independent Consultant for Azante Jewelry.

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