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Income taxes can be a very difficult topic, especially if you telecommute or work from home! Mom's Gone Virtual helps take the confusion out of telecommuting taxes by giving you free tax tips.


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Record Retention

Ever wonder how long you should keep your records for your business/work at home job? This article gives you a few ideas.

How Long Should I Keep It?

Do you have a question about a specific document that you aren't sure how long you need to keep it in the filing cabinet? Ask in the comments section and I will let you know.


Ready to make more money online?

OMG It's been that long?

I haven't posted in over a month to this blog. OH MY!! I need to put this back up on my priority list. BAD BAD Arika!

I promise to do better everyone...starting tomorrow I will post at a minimum of once per week!

Give me my lashings in the comments section. ;)

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